Used or Reconditioned Mobility Scooters

Buying a good used Mobility Scooter or Power Chair can save you a lot of money.  We often have used scooters for sale so please contact us, the stock changes frequently so we  do not put any on the website. Prices start from around £250 for a  refurbished one. All of our refurbished scooters are sold with a six month warranty. All scooters undergo a thorough examination and every part is checked including the batteries, tyres, wiring, lights, steering etc. 

Buying a used Scooter or Power Chair Privately

It is best to buy a used mobility scooter or powered wheelchair from someone that offers a warranty, always read reviews others have left and do your research.  Always get any warranty in writing on a proper receipt with the sellers details on it.  Unfortunately I often see the consequences of people buying privately or from unscrupulous dealers.  Just a new set of batteries for a small portable scooter will set you back around £70; when you get to the bigger 8 mph scooter the batteries can cost in excess of £300  so you can see that if you need to replace them you have wiped out any possible savings.