Used or Reconditioned Mobility Scooters

Buying a good used Mobility Scooter or Power Chair can save you a lot of money. The new ones often depreciate quickly and there are plenty of good used ones around. I often have used scooters for sale so please contact me, the stock changes frequently so I do not put any on the website. Prices start from around £150

Buying a used Scooter or Power Chair Privately

I see so many used scooters and chairs for sale on Ebay, Facebook and many other selling pages that are in a poor condition. I have had many customers buy privately and asked me to check it over and service it. This is true and I am not trying to scaremonger. 1 customer paid £700 for a scooter, the frame is totally rotten as he looked at it from above and of course plastic shrouds do not rot.  Another customer paid £500, used the scooter once and it stopped working, cost £150 to repair.

If you decide you want to buy privately it is a good idea to have it checked over BEFORE buying it, not after you have handed over your cash. Any reliable seller will be happy for you to have it checked before buying. Just a new set of batteries for a small portable scooter will set you back around £70 for a decnet set. When you get to the bigger 8 mph scoters batteries can cost in excess of £300 so you can save yourself a lot of money by having thenm checked prior to purchasing. I am happy to check any scooter you are considering buying for £40, that price will include a full service if you choose to buy it. I can also collect and deliver them in my van if you are unable to get it yourself, please contact me for prices.