Arriva accept Class 2 scooters under the same CPT code as MetroBus. The restrictions are also the same with a maximum length of 1000mm, width of 600mm and turning circle of 1200mm. An assessment and permit is also required to travel on Arriva services. You can contact the Arriva team to arrange an assessment on 0344 800 4411


Brighton & Hove Buses accept some class 2 scooters on all services assuming the restrictions are adhered to. Acceptable scooters must measure smaller than 1000mm in length by 600mm in width and have a turning circle smaller than 1200mm.

To guarantee your acceptance onto a Brighton & Hove bus please contact them to arrange a home-visit assessment with one of their dedicated accessibility officers. Please note that due to UK regulations only one wheelchair or scooter is allowed to be carried in the designated space on board.


Compass Travel accept some smaller class 2 mobility scooters but do not provide explicit guidelines on size. It is recommended to contact Compass Travel before you journey to discuss your scooter with them to avoid being turned away on the day.


Gatwick Express accept mobility scooters on a number of their services. The majority of Gatwick Express services are provided by the new Class 387/2 'Electrostar' trains and accept Class 2 scooters on these services with sizes up to 1200mm in length and 700mm in width.

Please note that a small number of Gatwick Express services use Class 442 trains which lower the maximum scooter size to 950mm in length and 500mm in width. If you are unsure on the type of train you will be travelling on I recommend you contact the station or Gatwick Express prior to your journey.


MetroBus accept mobility scooters on their buses after an assessment has been carried out on the scooter itself and the users ability to control said scooter. The criteria covers the length of the scooter (must be under 1000mm long), the width of the scooter (must be under 600mm) and the turning circle of the scooter (must be under 1200mm).

Once the assessment has been carried out the user will be issued a credit card sized photographic 'permit for travel' which will allow the user to travel freely and easily on all Metrobus buses. For more information about the code and how to arrange an assessment please visit the Metrobus website.


South Eastern do not provide any explicit guidelines for mobility scooters and their services. We highly recommend contacting the station of South Eastern themselves prior to your journey to confirm you will be able to travel with your scooter on the day or your choice.


South West Trains do accept Class 2 mobility scooter son their services but they do require completion of a Scooter Card form prior to travel. For more details and to download the form visit their website.


Southern Rail accepts any mobility scooter type which can fit on the platform to train ramps, and can manoeuvre safely inside the trains. The exception to this is the class 442 services where only folding mobility scooters can be accepted due to the single doors on the carriages.

The sizing suggestions for all other services are scooters with length up to 1200mm and a width of up to 700mm wide. Please note that the ramps used to transfer from platform to train have maximum weight limit of 55 stone (350kg).


Stagecoach accept Class 2 mobility scooters on their fleet with a maximum length of 1000mm, width of 600mm and turning circle of 1200mm. Unfortunately any scooters over the length of 1000mm with have to be declined due to the fact it will be unable to manoeuvre successfully on a low floor Dennis Dart. If you are unsure as to the length or turning circle of your scooter please consult your instruction manual which is supplied with your scooter.


Thameslink accept mobility scooters on all services providing they fall below 1200mm in length and 700mm wide. The overall weight, including passenger, must be below 55stone (300kg) to allow safe use of the platform to train ramps.