Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Batteries

We only use the best quality batteries from MK and Strident as they are value for money and will last significantly longer than cheap ones available. It is often just £30 difference between a cheap battery that will last 12 months if you are lucky and a good brand that will last much longer. A good set of batteries will last a long time if maintained properly  How long batteries last will depend on how you look after them and being sold the right ones in the first place. I can offer advice on the best way to look after your batteries and what is best for your requirements.

We can test all batteries to see if they are fit for purpose. We can test AGM, Gel and Lithium batteries used on mobility scooters and Powered Wheelchairs.  

We then get into should you have AGM or Gel batteries. It will depend on what your use is, for someone that uses a scooter or chair daily for long periods then GEL are the best option. For those who use it occasionally then AGM are perfect. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is just a brief breakdown of batteries, should you need new batteries I will discuss with you all of the options and work out what is best for you, not what is best for me!

We have the latest battery testing equipment for Lithium batteries used on Mobility Scooters, Powered Wheelchairs and Golf Buggies. 

We can test Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, most commonly used are AGM and GEL batteries. 

The test involves charging the battery fully and then discharging it, the machine will give a capacity percentage, on Golf Buggies the pass level is 80%, on Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs is 60%. The pass level is the industry standard however I beleive that the pass should be 80% on Mobility aids as I feel 60% is too low. For example if you have a new set of batteries at 100% capacity that give a range of 20 miles at 60% that would give you 12 miles at 80% that is 16 miles. What really matters is what you the customer wants and we will discuss that and what the best options are for you, not me!


Battery-powered mobility equipment provides users with additional freedom and independence. None of these precision-designed vehicles, however, can perform to their full potential without a top-quality battery as the fuel source. In fact, choosing the right battery for your equipment can enhance performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind.




Deep Cycle: Premium Sealed VRLA batteries capable of over 1000 cycles (50% DOD) as fully tested by independent laboratories.

  • Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte: No liquid of any kind; battery is completely sealed. Safe in any position (except upside down).
  • Travel & Ship Easily: FAA, IATA, DOT and UPS approved. Others may not be.
  • Safety: MK Sealed VRLA batteries have a special re-sealing vent system that prevents excessive internal pressure, thus minimizing risk of explosion under normal conditions.
  • Sealed construction for maintenance-free use: Eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes and spills.
  • Electrolyte will not stratify: No equalization charging required.  Allows faster recharge.
  • 10% more electrolyte: Longer life and minimal dry out over extended use.
  • Increased durability: Deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications.
  • Less than 2% per month self-discharge: Little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Individual plate formation (IPF®) technology: Optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability.
  • Quality construction: Ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Flame arresting, low pressure, self-sealing valves: All 100% factory tested.
  • Forged terminals and bushings: Assures no leakage.
  • Over 250 quality control checks: Certified to ISO 9001.
  • UL recognized components