Mobility Scooter and Powered Wheelchair Programming

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Most scooters and chairs can be programmed to suit your requirements, this should be done when you buy the scooter but is often overlooked. So often I meet customers that are not aware that the settings can be changed. I cannot make them go faster! The speeds are set by the manufacturer and by law so the top speed on pavement scooters is 4 mph and road scooters 8 mph. I do however come across scooters that have not been set to the maximum speed so this may help you. There are some makes such as Shoprider that have limited things that can be changed. If unsure please ask me.

  • Braking - how quickly it stops and how sharply.
  • Acceleration - how quickly it picks up speed.
  • Reverse beeper on/off
  • Invert the throttle pot Wig Wag. Most are set up for right handed use but can be changed to suit left handed use.
  • Joystick sensitivity

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