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Through speaking with customers I hear lots about different buying experiences with different companies. There are some companies that buy in bulk and sell cheap, they often seem to lack any after sales service. I have today just been to a customer that has had their first power chair delivered to them, I was asked to go and help with it just a few days after it was delivered! The 'Engineered Delivery' that the customer paid extra for was not done as it should be. The delivery man was unable to bend down to adjust anything so basically just delivered it to a 90 year old man and left it there. I had to adjust the seat height and arm rests so they could sit in it comfortably and safely. It can be dangerous if the seat is not set at the correct height as it can affect the blood circulation so I adjusted it to the correct height. The same company delivered a scooter to a customer I went to yesterday, again not any real set up done, I am told the man was 'huffing and puffing' and in the end the customer just said leave. Some of these companies only offer a six month warranty on the batteries even though most battery manufacturers give a 12 month warranty on them. When you go to the showroom they will always try to sell you the extras like insurance and breakdown cover. Be aware that the breakdown cover is just recovery of the product and does not include a repair and can only be used in some cases 3 times. You can save yourself in excess of 350 pounds by not taking that cover as most taxi companies now have vehicles that will take a scooter or chair in the back. Many customers that have broken down tell me how nice and helpful people have been when they have broken down, many have kept the broken down scooter safely until I can get there and the customer got a taxi home or a lift. So when you buy cheap you often pay more in other costs and get little aftercare. I know of one customer who had to wait 2 weeks for the engineers to visit then another 2 weeks for them to replace the batteries that were faulty - 1 month in total with no scooter that was only a few months old. Many large companies do not have local engineers so they have to travel a long way. 

It is good to support small local businesses like mine, you will get a better service overall. Whilst I cannot match some prices advertised by large companies I can provide new equipment and most importantly set it up and provide you with a great service!

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