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There are several companies that cover the South East covering Eastbourne. 

Most will charge you a call out fee just to attend, having done some research the average is £50. So the enginee/technician turns up and simply presses the reset button and you’re £50 worse off! If possible before calling out a company check the overload cut out switch and reset it. Check the freewheel lever is in the correct position. I personally feel it’s unfair to charge a customer too much for a simple task. As a smaller company I don’t have the high overheads the bigger companies have so only charge for my time, not a set call out fee. 

A customer recently told me he had a puncture and took it to the shop, they charged him £45 call out and £10 for the inner tube despite his protestations about being charged a call out having taken it to them! My charge would have been £30 maximum and I would have gone to his place of residence.

I believe in fair price, best service and a quick response. 

If you need help or free advice please just contact me.

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  1. Audrey West

    I would just like to spread the word that I received wonderful service from Active Days Mobility Services when I hired a folding mobility scooter from them in August'18. Without the use of this folding scooter I would not have been able to enjoy my holiday. It was taken around in the car and came into use at a considerable variety of venues!!! I can't be grateful enough for the loan of this scooter. . Without this type of scooter (which does not seem to be available from other centres in Eastbourne) my holiday would have been very limited.

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