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It is important to look after your scooter, in many ways it is similar to a car, would you drive a car without ever checking the lights, horn or tyre pressures? I wouldn’t! For £40 I can fully Service your scooter, a bit like an MOT, I will check everything is safe and working as it should. Some scooters like the Pride Colt Executive require greasing as the front end has grease nipples underneath. When I worked for a local company I often saw white grease sprayed over a lot of the steering links and suspension, when I asked why this was I was told ‘it makes it look like you have done something’. You really should not spray grease over the steering rods as it just attracts grit and dirt! This can damage your scooter as the grit can get into the Nylon bushes.  I do a real job so dont need to make it look as if I have done something! 

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