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I recently serviced a scooter for a gentleman that had purchased it from a neighbour, he had paid £700 for it. Looking at it from the top it looked ok but when I started to remove the plastic shrouds it was soon clear that it was very rusty. Underneath the shiny panels is a metal frame, these can get rusty if left outside or in this case kept near the sea. It is important to check the underside of a scooter when buying to see what condition it is in. It is also a good idea to check the state of the batteries, the battery gauge may say it is full, all the lights may be on but how do you know how long they will last? Some batteries cost over £100 each to replace so it could be very costly to replace the batteries on a scooter you have just purchased. You may think you are getting a bargain scooter for £200 but if it needs new batteries it could double the price you paid. The transaxles on some types of scooter can fail within a year of buying it new, this can then damage the batteries meaning you need to replace the axle and batteries. Tyres can perish over time, it may have plenty of tread on the tyres but if it has been stored in the sunlight they can soon break down. If you are investing in a used scooter it is a good idea to get someone trained to look over it before you buy, would you buy a car without an MOT? By checking the batteries with a special battery tester, the charger, frame, transaxle, motor, steering, tyres and electronic brake you could save yourself costs in the future. I offer a pre buy check for used scooters for just £35 (within a 50 mile radius of Eastbourne) you will get a full check to give you peace of mind before buying. Any honest seller would hopefully allow a trained eye to look over a scooter before selling it. Hopefully all being well you will buy a scooter that can last for years, having now invested in your scooter why not preserve the metal frame? You can apply a special coating to the metal frame to prevent it rusting, prices start from £75 and involves stripping the scooter down and coating the metal in a waxy type liquid, whilst doing this I will give your scooter a full service and clean.

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