Looking after your batteries and tyres.

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Winter is upon us and it is cold outside. The cold weather can take its toll on your batteries. If possible store the battery box from portable scooters indoors out of the cold, if you are not using the scooter put them on charge once a week for at least 8 hours to keep them topped up.

If you have a larger scooter and it is not posible to keep it indoors try and put it in a garage or shelter, it is a good idea to put some form of protection over the batteries which are usually located under the seat. An old duvet or blanket placed over the cover under the seat will help keep the cold out and help protect the batteries. Again if not using the scooter put the batteries on charge at least once a week. A duvet or blanket is especially important if you kep your scooter outside under a cover.

I often go to service scooters and find there is no air in the tyres, unless you have solid tyres it is important to make sure you check the tyre pressures on a regular basis. The manual supplied with the scooter should have the correct pressures in it.If unsure why not send me a message and I will do my best to find out. I appreciate not all are able to do this so maybe you have a friend or family member that can do this for you.

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