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  1. There are several companies that cover the South East covering Eastbourne. 

    Most will charge you a call out fee just to attend, having done some research the average is £50. So the enginee/technician turns up and simply presses the reset button and you’re £50 worse off! If possible before calling out a company check the overload cut out switch and reset it. Check the freewheel lever is in the correct position. I personally feel it’s unfair to charge a customer too much for a simple task. As a smaller company I don’t have the high overheads the bigger companies have so only charge for my time, not a set call out fee. 

    A customer recently told me he had a puncture and took it to the shop, they charged him £45 call out and £10 for the inner tube despite his protestations about being charged a call out having taken it to them! My charge would have been £30 maximum and I would have gone to his place of residence.

    I believe in fair price, best service and a quick response. 

    If you need help or free advice please just contact me.

  2. I thought I would provide some useful information about the law regarding mobility scooters. Most small scooters that are designed to come apart and go in the car are class 2 meaning they should only be used on the pavement, the only time they should be used on the road I see if there is no pavement or you are crossing the road. These scooters must have a maximum speed of 4 mph and must be fitted with a horn that is working. You do not have to register a class 2 scooter.

    Class 3 scooters can go up to 8 mph and are allowed on the road. They must have working front and rear lights and directional indicators. You must also have a rear view mirror and horn. Insurance is not a legal requirement but is a good idea. Class 3 scooters must have a switch limiting it to 4 mph for use on pavements. Class 3 scooters must be registered with DVLA  

    To register a class 3 invalid carriage, complete form V55/4 for new vehicles, or V55/5 for used vehicles. You can get the forms online from

    Send the completed form to:

    DVLA Swansea 
    SA99 1BE

     If you are going to use your class 3 scoote on a dual carriageway you must have a flashing amber beacon light. 

    That’s the legal stuff. Should you get insurance? This is my personal view. Many insurance companies that supply insurance for mobility scooters offer a breakdown and recovery option, this helps if you are ever stranded and have no family or friends free to help you. They will send someone to pick you and your scooter up should it break down. This is a useful part of insurance, all companies will have their own policies so please check them out carefully before you buy. Insurance is useful if you have an accident, if you hit a car you could cause a lot of damage and this needs to be paid for. You could hit a person as many people do not pay attention as to what is going on around them, your fault or theirs at least you are covered if insured. You may also get included in your policy free legal advice if that happens. 

    I do not sell insurance so just sharing my opinion, please check out the terms and conditions of any policy before buying to make sure that it meets your requirements.