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  1. Mobility scooter batteries are one of the most important parts on your scooter so it makes sense to fit good ones that will last.  I know for many the first thing they do is look online for cheap batteries, I see them on sites like Ebay and Amazon so cheap. You find the cheapest and then read reviews and feedback and that looks ok so you may buy them. Most reviews are left shortly after purchasing them when they are working as they should, if people wrote a review 6 - 12 months after buying them it would be totally different! I am not going to name the company but they sell very cheap batteries and I have replaced so many of them that are only 6 - 12 months old. I replaced a set this week that were only 6 months old, as the customer purchased the scooter from a third party they do not have a receipt as they should be under warranty. I looked on ebay and they were 45 pounds, I fitted a set of MK for 60 pounds. The MK batteries will last at least 3 years if looked after properly compared to 6 - 12 months for the cheap ones so you are not saving any money by fitting cheap batteries! This is just an example of one incident, there have been many and the price difference will depend on the size of the batteries. I often find MK batteries that are 5 years old and still working and recently replaced a set that were 17 years old! 17 years is unusual but it is true. I will happily fit whatever batteries you choose but will reccomend MK as they are well known worldwide for their quality.  There would be more profit in me fitting cheap batteries but I don't as I have a conscience and want my customers to get value for money. 

    Please note the pound sign symbol does not seem to work on my computer at the moment hence I used the word instead!

  2. There are several companies that cover the South East covering Eastbourne. 

    Most will charge you a call out fee just to attend, having done some research the average is £50. So the enginee/technician turns up and simply presses the reset button and you’re £50 worse off! If possible before calling out a company check the overload cut out switch and reset it. Check the freewheel lever is in the correct position. I personally feel it’s unfair to charge a customer too much for a simple task. As a smaller company I don’t have the high overheads the bigger companies have so only charge for my time, not a set call out fee. 

    A customer recently told me he had a puncture and took it to the shop, they charged him £45 call out and £10 for the inner tube despite his protestations about being charged a call out having taken it to them! My charge would have been £30 maximum and I would have gone to his place of residence.

    I believe in fair price, best service and a quick response. 

    If you need help or free advice please just contact me.