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  1. February 11th we viewed a large retail unit and we have started the process of getting the lease. Having a proper shop will give us a presence on the high stree. Whilst retail is struggling at the moment we hope that there is still a demand for our products offline. Many elderly do not use the internet, this will change but there is still mileage in this for us. Buyino a mobility aid can be a first for many and it's important that they get the guidance and help they need. It's not like buying a TV, mobility aids are complex and can be expensive so it's important you get it right. I will reveal more when the lease is signed. Unfortunately there is one competitor who is deliberately trying to damage my business so I'm keeping things to myself for now. 

  2.                                                                               Covid - 19 Corona Virus situation.

    We all need to do our bit to slow the spread of the Corona Virus and I am doing all I can to keep those I deal with safe. I do understand that there are people that rely on their Mobility aid to live independently and need it to get around. Under Government guidelines I am able to remain open for business for items that enable you to keep living independently,  if you are in need of help please contact me. I can attend breakdowns and there is no charge for this service within a 5 mile radius of Eastbourne and £5 for Hastings and Seaford areas. I have to cahrge the £5 to cover my fuel costs and this is as cheap as I can do it, as you can see I am not trying to make huge profits out of this situation and have actually reduced my prices. If you get a puncture, battery fail or other breakdown please call me on 01323 382782. I am trained in infection control and have City & Guilds qualification in decontamination.